Can Hemorrhoid Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common inability that can attack a man who cannot endure his penis erection until finally he cannot get climax and cannot satisfy his woman when they are making love.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED has some causal factors such as alcohol, cigarette, age, and the last research showed that erectile dysfunction can also be caused by hemorrhoids. Can really hemorrhoid cause erectile dysfunction? There must be a relationship between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.

As it is reported that men can suffer from erectile dysfunction if they have ever experienced or suffered from hemorrhoid, especially for those who are under 40 years old. This statement is according to the researchers. Hopefully, the result of this result can be an inspiration for any clinicians who handle hemorrhoids patients by telling them the hemorrhoids can rally cause erectile dysfunction.

The research had been done since 2001 until 2009 and found that 24% of people who admitted that they suffered from erectile dysfunction had also ever suffered from hemorrhoid. However, 14% of the people who were diagnosed hemorrhoids did not suffer from erectile dysfunction.

So, why can hemorrhoids cause erectile dysfunction? In fact, the erectile dysfunction has a link to hemorrhoids. Since both of these organs are so close, there will be a connection one another. In order to maintain penis erection, it must need so much blood. The first type of the blood vessel opens widely and it will allow the blood to go to the penis.

The second type of the blood vessel squeezes down until finally the blood stays in the penis and it can erect longer. When you suffer from Hemorrhoids, the blood the pelvic area is not circulating regularly due to the lower rectum and the swollen blood vessel around the anus where it can cause a man for not being able to maintain the penis erection and finally he gets erectile dysfunction.

In fact, this condition is known to happen temporarily. As long as he still suffers from hemorrhoids, she will also still suffer from the erectile dysfunction. However, when the hemorrhoids have gone, he still has a chance to be normal and commonly the erectile dysfunction will also be gone. Therefore, in order to prevent it from happening to you, it is better for you to avoid any causal factors which can possibly make your suffer from hemorrhoids so that you will never get erectile dysfunction.

How to prevent the hemorrhoids from coming? In order to make your anus stay healthy, you are strongly recommended to improve your diet. You have to eat some healthy foods which are rich in fiber. Besides, you also must drink a lot of water because the water will improve your digestive system.

In summary, the hemorrhoid is one of the causal factors that can make you suffer from erectile dysfunction, but it may be just temporary. In fact, there are so many other factors which can make you suffer from the erectile dysfunction. A hemorrhoid is not the worst causal factor, so you also have to consider other things if you do not want to get ED.