Get Rid Of Belly Fat Naturally

Does Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction for Men?

For those of you who have an issue about your love life, you may be wondering does belly fat cause erectile dysfunction? The estimation of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction is 1 in 10 worldwide. Erectile dysfunction is one problem that many men in the world do not want to suffer because they cannot get or maintain their erection.

If it is the problem that you have today, you have to check it with your doctor. Belly fat is not only the problem for your blood vessels and your heart. Having an erection dysfunction is the huge problem for your bedroom performance too.

How does belly fat cause erectile dysfunction? Deep abdominal fat, or also called Omentum fat is very dangerous for your liver and a couple of other vital organs. When the Omentum releases the fat, a couple of it will go to your liver. After that, they will go to your arteries. Omentum will be so harmful to your blood vessels.

Blood flow will be reduced by blood vessels and clogged arteries not only to your heart but also to a couple of other vital organs such as your genitals. Due to there is no smooth circulation, it is difficult for men to get or maintain their erection. The blood flow should be increased in the sensitive areas in order to maximize the performance of your love life.

You have to keep in mind that carry 10 extra pounds will increase the risk of damage to your blood vessels and also diabetes, a couple of cancers and heart disease. But you do not have to worry because there is a better way in order to keep your love relationship performance, self-esteem and also your energy levels back on track. These are a couple of steps that you have to do in order to lose stomach fat and erectile dysfunction.


Walking is one of the perfect ways in order to minimize your belly fat. You just have to take 30 minutes every day to prevent the growing of your fat cells. If you want to burn your fat a little bit more, you can add 10 more minutes of weight exercise. You can do it twice a week so you can increase the mass of your muscle that will lose your fat even faster.

Tape Measurement

The size of your waist may be a perfect measurement of health instead of using your bathroom scale. The numbers of your waist should be a half than your height number of inches. Generally, if the size of your waist is 40 inches, you will get the problem with your health and your sexual performance.

Sleep Well

If you take on a diet, it is better for you to sleep 8 ½ hours a night in order to lose your weight twice. You can compare your body with someone who sleeps only 5 ½ hours a night. If you sleep the last longer, you will also burn 114 calories per day. It means that you will lose 10 extra pounds a year.

The Connection between Fat Belly and Erectile Dysfunction

Many people still do not understand why belly fat will cause sexual performance, instead of the obesity that is connected to erectile dysfunction. Many experts claim that most cases that will cause erectile dysfunction among obese is only the psychological aspects. But now it is said that a couple of physical aspects are also involved.

The most important thing why belly fat causes erectile dysfunction is because it decreases the amount of your blood which flows to your penis. An erection happens when the blood vessels going to the penis which makes the blood fills it. The penis has to deliver the blood in order to maintain the erection. Meanwhile, it is different among men to develop and maintain the erection because it depends on the health of their vascular system. It is known that less of exercise and fatty food will bring to atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis shows up in the artery of your penis means that the flow of your blood decreases or it will get blocked which is eliminating the function of erectile. Due to the penis arteries are so small; it is a lot sooner for them to be affected than those arteries which are located in the heart. Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction can sometimes be an alert of cardiovascular disease.

The Endothelium is another factor which will be affecting the health of the system of the vascular. The Endothelium is the thin layer which is located in your cell that lines the surface of the interior of your blood vessels. The process of the erection starts when the nitric oxide will be released by the endothelium. Nitric oxide is a molecule which warns all of your muscles to relax for the process of dilation of the blood vessels. Meanwhile, if the endothelium is crashed, the endothelium will not release nitric oxide in order to generate or maintain an erection. Excess belly fat causes a big problem on vascular endothelium.

Belly fat can also affect erectile dysfunction by lowering the levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the important reproductive hormone for men. This hormone has an important key in both sexual and libidos function. The connection between low testosterone levels and obesity was found in all men all ages, even in teenagers and young men. The researchers also claimed that low testosterone which is found in older men is not connected to age, but instead of increasing the weight of your body. Another research said that the low testosterone which is found in older men can be reversed with the loss of your weight.

According to these biological aspects, there are also psychological and social aspects which are connected with obesity. People who are affected by obesity have low confident about their bodies and also they have a lower self-esteem. A lot of obese people are usually the victim of a bully because of their weight. They also have difficulties in order to find a good job and also finding a partner in life. The connection of this image and social prejudice will affect the sexual activity for overweight people.